Child & Adolescent Outpatient Services

If your child is struggling with OCD or anxiety, we are here to help. Call us today to talk to our admissions specialists about our treatment options for kids and teens.

McLean OCDI Houston provides world-class outpatient care for children and adolescents ages 4-18.

Our individual therapy sessions are available for children and teens who need one-on-one support to help manage their anxiety or OCD.

We also offer a highly specialized intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adolescents ages 12-18. For teens with moderate to severe OCD and other anxiety-related disorders, this program provides a structured treatment environment to address ongoing mental health challenges.

Outpatient care options are offered online and are available for youths in the state of Texas.

The intensive teen program meets virtually every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4-6:30pm. Individual outpatient sessions are scheduled as indicated by the child’s needs.

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    Our adolescent intensive outpatient program is among the only in the area to offer this treatment experience for teens. This option is ideal for youths who:

    • Are struggling with severe OCD and/or anxiety and outpatient treatment has not been successful
    • Need a step-down program after residential or inpatient treatment
    • May need intensive treatment, but parents would like to minimize the amount of school missed

    This unique program offers specialized cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in a compassionate and customized treatment environment.

    Each week, adolescents attend three individualized therapy sessions with a behavior therapist and one family therapy session, in addition to group sessions and exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy with staff support. Psychiatric services are also available upon request at an additional cost.

    Teens in patient care

    The estimated length of treatment for the intensive program is approximately 8-12 weeks, but is ultimately based on the needs of the patient. We assess each individual as quickly as possible upon admission to the program so that we can provide a realistic estimate early in the process.

    Our treatment programs are not appropriate for individuals who have active addictions, active eating disorders, and/or are actively suicidal. Individuals may need to receive treatment for these conditions elsewhere prior to engaging in our program.

    For those who have previously received treatment for these conditions, but need continued support during treatment at our program, we work with additional outpatient specialists (addiction counselors, eating disorder specialists, etc.) as needed.

    Program at a Glance


    Our intensive treatment is designed for adolescents ages 12-18.

    Effective Care Model

    Individual and group therapy utilizes proven behavioral treatment methods, like ERP.

    Tailored Approach

    Every patient receives a customized treatment plan, formulated just for them.

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    Our Treatment Approach

    Our team utilizes evidence-based treatments to care for your child. We primarily use cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), with an emphasis on exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, which is considered the gold-standard treatment for youth struggling with anxiety disorders and/or OCD.

    Learn more about our unique approach to OCD and anxiety care.

    Patients who attend individual outpatient therapy sessions benefit from tailored, focused care with their treater. Care is goal-oriented, helping patients to continue on their path to maintain stability and balance on the path to recovery.

    The goal of the intensive outpatient program is to not only alleviate your adolescent’s symptoms, but to also teach them management strategies should symptoms return. To achieve this goal, we actively address relapse prevention early on in treatment and help the adolescent feel prepared for tackling future challenges after time at our program.

    As the adolescent is often living with their family, we incorporate family therapy with our family therapist.

    In the first week at the intensive program, each adolescent meets with their behavior therapist for three individual sessions. These sessions focus on providing the patient and parent with education about the child’s diagnosis and its treatment as well as developing a tailored treatment plan that will guide their work throughout the program. Scheduling for future sessions is also set up, including family therapy and a brief orientation meeting with a staff member.

    Intensive Program Groups

    Patients begin to participate in the group schedule during their second week in the intensive program.

    Group topics include CBT 101, emotion regulation, and family dynamics. Family members are encouraged to join the second and fourth family dynamics group every month.

    Intensive Program Schedule

    Time Monday Tuesday Thursday
    4:00-4:45pm Goal Setting Goal Setting Goal Setting
    4:45-5:00pm CBT for Anxiety and OCD Emotion Regulation Family Dynamics
    5:00-5:15pm ERP Check-In ERP Check-In ERP Check-In
    5:15-6:15pm ERP ERP ERP
    6:15-6:30pm ERP Check Out ERP Check Out ERP Check Out

    The program meets virtually from 4-6:30pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


    To learn more about our outpatient treatment programs for children and teens, call us today at 877.488.2467.

    Here’s what you can expect next:

    • To determine whether our outpatient options are a good fit for your child, our admissions coordinator will contact you to schedule a brief phone assessment with one of our behavior therapists. Please plan for both parent and child to attend this evaluation.
    • The behavior therapist assesses the child’s symptoms and determines if they could benefit from our program. If it is determined that your child may not benefit from our program, you will receive recommendations for alternatives aligned with the child’s needs and/or treatment goals.
    • Additional records and/or discussion with current treatment providers may also occur for admission and to better prepare the McLean OCDI Houston treatment team.
    • If the adolescent is accepted to the program, admission details are coordinated directly with the parent/guardian.


    McLean OCDI Houston is a self-pay treatment program, therefore we do not accept payment directly from third-party providers (e.g., insurance or loan companies) unless a single case agreement is in place.

    While we are a self-pay program, our patients often utilize insurance for payment reimbursement or work with their insurance company to secure a single case agreement.

    Fees for the adolescent intensive outpatient program are $650 per day. The daily rate includes group and individual sessions (up to three individual therapy session and one family therapy session).

    Fees for individual outpatient therapy vary depending on the type of clinician you are treated by:

    • PhD-level clinicians: the initial evaluation (1 hour) is $300 and follow-up sessions (45 minutes) are $250
    • Licensed professional counselors (LPC), licensed social workers, or doctoral candidates/post-doctoral fellows: the initial evaluation (1 hour) is $265 and follow-up sessions (45 minutes) are $175
    • Professional counseling interns and PhD practicum students (supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist): sessions (45 minutes) are $50

    Our services are individualized and designed for each youth. The quantity of individual sessions recommended per week is determined with the child’s behavior therapist. Family therapy is determined with our family therapist.

    Cash, check, or credit card are accepted at the time of service. Patients are responsible for all fees.

    For questions about utilizing your insurance for our program, please call our office manager at 832.900.1271.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the program located?

    Our outpatient care is offered virtually so patients can attend from home.

    More information about McLean Houston OCDI can be found on our Contact Us page.

    Is aftercare part of treatment?

    We can work in conjunction with previous treatment providers to assist in continuity of care. There are also many individuals who benefit from returning for a shorter treatment term, or a booster session in the future, in order to continue to maintain the gains achieved in his/her original treatment stay.

    Does the program assist with insurance reimbursement?

    We do not assist with insurance reimbursement, beyond providing a superbill when requested.

    We can help make sure you have the information you need.

    For questions about utilizing your insurance for our program, please call our office manager at 832.900.1271.

    We Are Here To Help

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